Serviços Limpeza



Cleaning Services

General, occasional and periodic cleaning
Cleaning of premises, shops, factories, offices, etc.
Post-work or post-remodeling cleaning of any type of property
Specialized cleaning
Household cleaning
Cleaning of hotels, tourist resorts, local accommodation

Limpezas domésticas ocasionais ou periódicas

Serviços de tratamento de pavimentos

Whatever the pavement in question, a correct treatment process allows you to extend the life of your floor and it prevents the appearance of stains or wear marks in areas of greatest use. A correct analysis of pavement allows us to advise the best solution for your floor, regardless of what type, usually the treatment of pavement undergoes 4 essential basic steps, cleaning or impregnating protection depending on the pavement, applying protective layer over or less bright or even matte effect and maintenance so that your floor is kept with the same aspect as when you purchased it.

Most used types of pavement

  • Terracotta or clay pavements
  • Woods or derivatives
  • Polished or unpolished stones, aged stone
  • Ceramic flooring


Types of pavement

  • Polishing
  • Glazings
  • Application of emulsions or wax (acrylic, metallic, etc.).
  • Applications of resins or varnish
  • Sanding
  • Waterproofings


Treatment of floors in interior and exterior


Tipos de pavimentos mais utilizados

  • Terracota ou pavimentos de barro
  • Madeiras ou derivados
  • Pedras polidas ou não polidas, pedras envelhecidas
  • Pavimentos em cerâmica


Tipos de tratamentos

  • Polimentos
  • Vitrificações
  • Aplicação de emulsões ou de ceras (acrílicas, metalizadas, etc.)
  • Aplicações de resinas ou de vernizes
  • Afagamentos
  • Impermeabilizações


Tratamento de pavimentos em interior e exterior

Pode optar por um serviço periódico (definindo que a nossa intervenção seja feita semanal, quinzenal, mensal ou diariamente) ou poderá escolher, caso pretenda, uma limpeza doméstica pontual, contactando-nos quando precisa sem qualquer obrigatoriedade.

Serviços de lavandaria e engomadoria no Algarve

Laundry / Ironing Service

Laundry pre-treatment for stains, drying and ironing in our facilities using professional irons insufflation and aspiration.
Dry cleaning service.
Míele equipment.

Ironing Service on a retainer system with the following characteristics

Monthly renewal of the ironing retainer

The amounts of unused clothing, accumulate for the next month
The finish of ironing at home is always different than achieved in our laundries for technical reasons of the difference of machinery and expertise of professional cleaning.

If you are a cleaning client you can also choose to order the Ironing service together, ie, a few hours of cleaning time for ironing in your home.

We are committed to the environment and make a significant investment in the latest technology to ensure we continue to provide the best service of laundry being environmentally responsible.

Cleaning services for carpets, rugs, sofas, upholstery and cars

A Rug, carpet, carpeting, sofa or upholstered of a bench is an element of comfort / decor, but without proper hygiene and cleanliness can become a reservoir of dust mites and bacteria.
The cleaning of these objects can be performed both on site and at our facility. We carry out the cleaning of the entire interior from ceiling, floor and upholstery.
Sofas, chairs and armchairs

  • Rugs and carpets
  • Puffs
  • Mattresses, pillows
  • Automotive upholstery, upholstery of boats, buses, caravans, etc. …
  • Interior and exterior cleaning of cars
Serviços de limpezas domésticas

Keep your house in order with the help of Messilimpa.

Comfort, cleanliness and hygiene are the key points