Messilimpa – Cleaning Services in the Algarve

Family company established in 1988, in the Algarve region, Messilimpa Lda was intended to fill a gap that prevailed in the region.

The Algarve sought to assert itself at the time as an international tourist destination, however when it came to professional cleaning services, whether for business or for personal use, professional supply was almost nonexistent, except in the big cities of Lisbon and Oporto. This gap existed not only in the hotel sector but also in the professional cleaning of commercial premises.

There were hard times, it was necessary to build everything from scratch, from the simple idea of using an outside company for cleaning services, to more elaborate processes of establishing contacts and routes of supply of products and cleaning equipment. We had international experience but the Portuguese reality at the time was quite different, today after more than 20 years, we pride ourselves on being able to say that we were part of the process of evolution of this region,

we ourselves evolved over time, our current provision of services in comparison with the original is 4 times superior, the very concept of cleaning has changed.

Currently our commitment involves providing our services on a flexible basis, ensuring that you receive the service you want, when you want, because we understand that in today’s modern environment, it is crucial to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and safety.


We look forward to the next 20 years, always by your side!

Areas of activity

All the Algarve Region and Lower Alentejo only on request!

Telephone Answering Service

Every day from
9:00H to 13:00H
15:00H to 19:00H

Provision of Services

All year, including holidays and weekends.

Our professional service guarantees that we can help you maintain the highest standards of hygiene.
We provide a friendly, customer-oriented, very efficient service and an excellent price.